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Gretchen Fisher served as my lawyer during my divorce. I was impressed with Ms. Fisher’s keen understanding of the law and her ability to clearly explain different options. Ms. Fisher was patient with my questions and timely in returning my phone calls and emails. In addition, Ms. Fisher helped me accomplish all of my goals and achieve a swift resolution.

–Kathleen, Client

Divorce is something no one is prepared to engage in. I was introduced to Gretchen by another attorney who spoke extremely highly of her. He was spot on. Gretchen was more than a divorce lawyer, she really became my coach through this event. Gretchen found a way to let me be emotional, to vent and to work through rough water while keeping me focused on the end game. She spent much time educating me on the process, specifically the why of my decisions and often what possible outcomes could be (good or bad). I was never blindsided by a court decision or push back from the other side. Gretchen was truly an advocate to me and to the overall process. We were successful at arriving at a fair and equitable settlement in a reasonable timeframe thus managing the cost of the divorce. If you find yourself needing a divorce lawyer, I would highly recommend Gretchen.

–Ralph, Client

Gretchen handled my divorce providing a great balance between firmness and fairness, with an ability to get the job done. She was honest about what issues to pursue and what to let go. She’s not out to build up a surplus of billable hours, rather she was very helpful in providing ways to keep the cost down. Great to work with and efficient and skilled at her job.

—Sharon, Client

Gretchen provided me with excellent Family Law advice over a two year period. She is very professional and displays the highest level of integrity. I would hire her again if I was ever in need of a Family Law expert.

—Roland, Client

I hired Gretchen for my divorce. She was wonderful to work with and always answered my correspondence promptly. She worked hard to protect my assets and my daughter, and I was very satisfied with the final outcome. I highly recommend her!

–Julie, Client

Gretchen Fisher was the best choice for representation for my divorce. She was so instrumental in helping me “live my life” and find peace and happiness again. She handled my case in a timely manner in the most professional way possible. I would recommend her services to anyone needing representation.

–Lori, Client

I have known Attorney Gretchen Fisher since 1997 and she represented me through several complex, family related issues. In all instances, the resolution involved an agreed order that maintained a healthy and peaceful environment for my three children. What impressed me most about Gretchen was her breadth of knowledge with the legal system, her sound advice, and most importantly, her honesty. She will tell her clients what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear and that is exactly the type of person you want helping you through your most difficult situations. I have recommended Gretchen to several friends and if I ever need to address another family related issue, I will call Gretchen in a heartbeat!

–Susan, Client

Going through a divorce is full of emotion and never easy. Working with Gretchen truly made the process much more manageable. She broke down the legal jargon to help me better understand the process and my  options.  She was honest and brief, something I was very concerned about when working with an attorney. I felt she always had my best interest at heart and allowed me to stay true to who I am and who I wanted to remain.  I am grateful for having Gretchen help me navigate such an amicable divorce.  I have recommended her several times and will continue to do so. 

–Lesley, Client

I was not looking forward to the legal process of obtaining a divorce. I don’t think anybody does, but Gretchen handled my case very professionally from beginning to end. It was a relief to have her as my advocate. She’s efficient, responsive and patient. She returns phone calls, and delivers on deadline. I always knew where we were in the process, and had every confidence that the outcome would be successful, and within the estimated budget. She’s known at the courthouse, and understands the nuances of that arena. Her demeanor is professional and friendly. I would refer Gretchen Fisher in a heartbeat.

–Karey, Client

Gretchen is one of the most professional, ethical and accomplished attorneys that I know. She is a strong advocate for her clients. I have referred Lake County cases to Gretchen and the clients have been exceptionally satisfied with the results she has obtained as their counsel. I would give her the highest recommendation.

–Janice Berman, Attorney

Gretchen is a great advocate, resourceful, with a great depth and breadth of knowledge, legal and otherwise, coupled with an innate sense and understanding of human nature, and possessing an uncanny knack for reaching successful results and resolutions in difficult, trying, emotionally charged, and seemingly intractable situations. Zealous, but professional, courteous, and one might even call her witty. Full of sage advice and wisdom, born of hard work and steely determination. An excellent choice if you ever need an attorney who will work with and for you.

–Robert Ackley, Attorney

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