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I believe that an attorney has two jobs when representing someone in his or her divorce. The first is obvious. The attorney must provide the client with adequate and accurate legal advice, zealously advocate before the Court on the client’s behalf and have the knowledge necessary to obtain for the client everything to which the client is entitled under the law. Less obvious, but just as important, however, the attorney must help the client manage the stresses of the litigation or process and help the client prepare for life after the case is completed.

I have found that by putting as much effort into the latter goal, my clients are able to make better decisions, with more foresight, during, and are able to be more independent after, the litigation or legal process. I insist that my client be my partner throughout the case. I keep my client informed of the process and explain the situation and my client’s options at every turn. I ask that my client participate in this process as well by gathering the information he or she can gather and making the decisions that will affect him or her long-term. This team approach does not appeal to every individual, and I would be the first to say that I am not the right attorney for every client.

For those individuals who want to be productively involved in their legal process, which will so profoundly affect their future, however, I would very much like to be of service.

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