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Practicing law in the state of Illinois since January of 1988.

Legal Services in Grayslake, IL

Serving the Grayslake area for over 30 years, Gretchen E. Fisher is dedicated to the community and the clients she serves. Grayslake is located in Lake County, 38 miles NW of the Loop. This is one of Lake County’s oldest communities and features the Grayslake Heritage Center and museum showcasing the history of the area.  At The Law Office of Gretchen E. Fisher, you will find legal services for divorce, mediation, child support, Post-decree Litigation and more in the Grays Lake area. Great lawyers need to be facilitators, and help others get what they need. This is what you will find at The Law Office of Gretchen E. Fisher.

Grayslake is a village in Lake County, Illinois, United States. It is located in the Chicago metropolitan area, about 40 miles north of Chicago’s downtown, 14 miles west of Lake Michigan, and 15 miles south of the Wisconsin border. For sound legal services in Grays Lake, Contact Gretchen E. Fisher today!

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