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Vernon Hills, IL

Practicing law in the state of Illinois since January of 1988.

Legal Services in Vernon Hills, IL

Gretchen Fisher has been providing Legal Services in the Vernon Hills area since 1988. Specializing in the areas of divorce, paternity, child support, mediation and more. With years of experience, Gretchen has a well-established history of trust and reliability in service the Vernon Hills community. At The Law Office of Gretchen E. Fisher you will find the assistance you need to make informed decisions based on your unique situation and personal needs.

If you are going through the process of a divorce or a dispute over child custody or any other family law matter in the Vernon Hills area, The Law Office of Gretchen E. Fisher can help you through this difficult time. Since 1988, Gretchen Fisher has provided solid representation in both litigation and mediation. When you need an experienced attorney who will work with you to serve the interest of you and your family, you can turn to Gretchen Fisher.

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