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Lake Villa, IL

Practicing law in the state of Illinois since January of 1988.

Legal Services in Lake Villa, IL

Serving the community of Lake Villa for over 30 years, Gretchen E. Fisher is dedicated to the community and the clients she serves. Lake Villa is a village in Lake County, Illinois United States. The population was 8,741 at the 2010 census, Lake Villa lies within Lake Villa Township and about 50 miles north of Chicago. At The Law Office of Gretchen E. Fisher, you will find legal services for divorce, mediation, child support, Post-decree Litigation and more.

The Law Office of Gretchen E. Fisher the Lake Villa area and has been practicing in the areas of Divorce and Family Law since 1988. Gretchen is a highly skilled, highly experienced divorce lawyers can guide you through your case successfully, without draining your finances. Gretchen understands that each case is different, and always tailors her representation to the specific needs of the client.

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